Monday, December 6, 2010

Sprout an Aromatherapy Business (or Any Business) Online!

Imagine if I could share with you the knowledge I have gained about developing an aromatherapy business--that you could apply to any business--online.

For the last two months, I have been involved in a wonderful project with 14 other inspiring business women called Inspired Maven 8 Week Challenge, lead by the amazing maven herself, Sarah Prout.

Even though the Inspired Mavens come from a range of different backgrounds and business models, we all have one characteristic in common ... passion for what we do. I discovered this is the foundation to be laid for any online business to succeed. Passion comes from the heart, to share what you know and learn what you don't.

Below are just some of the valuable insights I have gained from the Inspired Maven Experience:
  1. Understand what you do. Sounds simple, but what is really your passion? Spend a few minutes writing about how you will help people, how they can get support from you, and the knowledge they can get from you and your business rather than just your title and qualifications.

  2. Understand where it is you want to go. We all have goals and dreams. It is important to think in terms of short and long term goals. Write them down and share with a mentor or support person.

  3. Make an Action Plan. How will you act on the goals you have made? What do you need to do next? Without action, it is just a dream!

  4. Learn from other women in business. Surround yourself (online and offline) with business women who have the success you want. Listen to them, ask them questions, learn from their knowledge.

Want to know ALL the Inspired Maven secrets? Empowering Advice from Business Women Online eBook is available now!


  1. LOVE #4 Jen. So important.

    Glad you're a part of my circle. :)

    Lisa MB

  2. Well I don't have to imagine because I was lucky enough to be along side you in our journey. You mentioned some of my favourite words...passion, do and action.

    Stay beautiful

    Renee xx

  3. Thank you Jen. I love the excellent advice you give in this post! Sarah xx

  4. Another inspiring project in your Journey Jen.
    Will catch up real soon

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  6. Nice summary of our journey Jen. The inspired mavens really are a passionate group of businesswomen. Can't wait for the eBook release...this is so exciting!

  7. Can't wait to read this book Jen, thanks for sharing your learnings! xo

  8. Pleasant summary of our very own journey Jen. The inspired mavens really {tend to be caring group of businesswomen. Can't hold off for the e-book release...this really can be so exciting!

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