Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why Essential Oil Goddess Loves Facebook Friends!

Essential Oil Goddess would like to declare "I love my Facebook friends!" It has been nearly two years since I joined Facebook and I have met some amazing friends along the way. I am so grateful for the power of social media.

It has been really exciting to discover more about the people I have connected with. Many are practitioners, business people, educators (even those who say they aren't!!) ... and also talking and using essential oils along the way!! I have learnt so much from each of these people, they share wonderful and educational posts on Facebook and are leaders in their field.

I am so grateful to the following people that I have connected with in person (and by phone for those a little too far to meet in person) via Facebook. You have enriched my life. Here they are:

  1. Anne Aleckson
    Anne is so inspirational on all levels. Everytime I meet with her I get new ideas that are ready to burst! She has an inspirational website that you might like to check out too! Her favourite essential oil blend is *Joy* of course :)

  2. Judi Edmondson
    Judi is based in North Queensland and owner of Soul Bliss. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She has just started writing essential oil articles for the local magazine called Connect.

  3. Jen Hunt
    Jen is naturopath extraordinaire and owner of Nutriente wholefoods store located on Sandgate Rd, Nundah in Brisbane.

  4. Amanda Vella
    Amanda is an amazing horse woman based on the Gold Coast and runs her own horse rescue and sanctuary. I have shared the oils with her horses to provide some gentle emotional clearing and learnt so much more about horses with her.

  5. Reece Wilson
    Reece is an amazing natural educator. She provides essential information about natural and chemical free living, and the real deal when it comes to natural health. You get the truth and only the truth from Reece.

  6. Mia Rose
    Mia is a sex therapist who has been very supportive of the use of essential oils for beautiful relationships. She is an expert in her field and creates an understanding about relationships on all levels.

  7. Kerry Beake
    Kerry has been a great supporter in the field of body image and my other project Lose Weight Peacefully. She has wonderful and insightful thoughts about women and loving their bodies and who they are. It is an inspiration.

  8. Karen Muller
    Karen is a wonderful practitioner for horses and her business Equine Body Connections operates from Hervey Bay in Queensland. A wonderful horse woman supporting horses and teaching people how to better understand their horses.

I am so happy to have met my Facebook friends in person. We all have so much to offer each other. If you are on Facebook, I encourage you to connect and create relationships with people who have common interests to you. Who knows? You might just discover a new "real life" friend!

PS If you haven't connected with me already on Facebook, please do so. I would love to hear from you. (HINT: Include a brief message when you want to add a friend - you wouldn't go up to a stranger on the street and say "Add me as a friend!" without having a little chat first!) Looking forward to connecting :)


  1. Wow, thanks for including me Jen and we must have another coffee soon :) I'm checking out your other friends cause any friend of yours is a friend of mine. Love your postscript, its such good advice.
    Anne x

  2. Thanks Jen, I thank you for being my inspiration and mentor you are truly a remarkable lady.

  3. Thanks Jen, I thank you for being my inspiration and as mentor you are going to be really a great lady.

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