Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Interview with Natural Therapist - Lorna Russell

There are two new and interesting modalities emerging in Australia that have the potential to dramatically change lives. Lorna Russell is a natural therapist based on the northside of Brisbane and is a professional practitioner of these techniques. I recently interviewed her about the exciting work she is doing.

Lorna, please tell me what is unique to your practice?
My practice is unique because I work with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils offering Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing and applying them 'neat' to the body. Clients often comment that they 'go somewhere' during either of the techniques and are amazed by the results that are often felt instantaniously.

I feel blessed to be able to provide my clients and the people around me the gift of experiencing these amazing techniques.

How do you use essential oils in your practice?
It is necessary when performing Raindrop Technique or Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique to use these specific therapeutic grade essential oils when I am applying the oils neat to the body. Both techniques start with a Valor balance where Valor oil is applied to the feet and held until the energy in the body is balanced, this can take up to ten minutes.

With Raindrop Technique oils are applied to the feet using 'Vitaflex' an ancient form of Tibetan Reflexology. Oils are then dripped up the spine and 'feathered in' using Native American and modern massage techniques. Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is a process of anoiting the essential oils through the chakra points of the body and also involves other bodywork techniques. These amazing oils simply go to work to achieve the best possible outcomes for the client.

What is your most interesting story about using essential oils with clients?
I would have to say that my most interesting story was my first experience with the oils. My dad had recently undergone open heart surgery, on a vist a couple of weeks later to my parents home I told my dad about these amazing essential oils that I had discovered and had with me. I only had the Everyday Oils Kit and the Raindrop Kit at that stage and was not too sure what oils were effective for different ailments.

My dad could not lift his left arm any higher that chest height, so I chose Valor Essential Oil and applied to his shoulder area. We sat chatting for a while and then he suddenly raised his arm above shoulder height, we both stared at each other flabergasted. Needless to say my dad is hooked on Valor and is slowly building his kit each month, mum now uses them too and my nieces line up each time they visit to get oils applied to their feet.

If you were going on a trip and you could only take one essential oil, what would it be and why?
If I had to take one oil on a trip it would most definitely be Young Living Peppermint! I use peppermint for muscular pain, headaches, tummy aches and when I need a lift I inhale its beautiful aroma or simply put a tiny bit on my tongue for an instant wake me up!

Finish this sentence: I love Young Living Essential Oils because...of the look on people's faces when they realise after one drop of these amazing oils there is often an an instant affect on their mood or their pain level, it never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks Lorna, for sharing your passion with your practice and the insights that you have had with the essential oils. If anyone would like to receive a treatment from Lorna, please call for an appoointment on 0431 487 749 or her website www.lornarussell.com

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  1. Thanks Jen for another uplifting aromatic article! I love peppermint too and it is wonderful to see that Lorna was able to help her dad recover in such a natural way! x