Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aromatherapy or Aromatic Medicine?

I am passionate about essential oils! I love to inhale them, ingest them and use them neat on my skin. "What?!" I hear you say..."You can't ingest essential oils or use them undiluted on your skin!"

This is the big difference (in my opinion) between aromatherapy and aromatic medicine. I am a qualified aromatherapist and have been taught that dilution (usually 2%-3% essential oil in a carrier oil) is the correct way to administer essential oils.

Have you ever considered that adulteration of essential oils has become so widespread that it is extremely difficult to get a pure essential oil that is chemical and pesticide free, unadulterated or cut and has ethical and sustainable standards, and this could be the reason for such drastic precautions with essential oils?

I hear you say "What about the research showing the dangers of essential oils?" I would look carefully at the research asnd determine:
  1. Did the research use human subjects? (Mice and Rats react very differently to humans in so many ways!)

  2. Were the essential oils used in the research, pure and unadulterated? (Some research is conducted with isolated components of essential oils, instead of the intact and pure essential oil.)

Let's look at what a pure essential oil is made up of...pure concentrated plant material...that's all. The essential oil of the plant is its defence system, protects the plant from disease and pests, has hormone like actions, and has a healing action--just cut into the bark of a pine tree and see the "sap" come out to form the "scab" on the tree. Essential oils are the life blood of the plant.

These are the amazing healing gifts on this Earth. If you have a pure essential oil from a company you can trust then it has the potential to bring you health and welling for you and your family.

It takes time and effort to produce a high quality essential oil for aromatic medicine purposes. You cannot buy that from the shelf in your local health store.

This is the seed to seal process. Check out this video to get the full picture.

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