Friday, October 15, 2010

25 Interesting Things About Essential Oil Goddess

Welcome to my first post at the Essential Oil Goddess blog. What better way to start than to give you some inside information about me and my business. Some a little personal, but I hope you will see my passion for essential oils and my business. So here goes:
  1. I practice what I preach. I cleared a urinary tract infection without antibiotics and only pure essential oils in four days.
  2. My mermaid logo was designed and painted by Tina-Renae . The myth behind the winged mermaid is that they were known to give the sailors a very hard time and were considered very cheeky! Tina-Renae based her sketch on me ;-)
  3. The “Goddess” came from a passion of wanting women to feel like a goddess without chemicals, junk, and using a natural way to bring out their natural shine—inside and out.
  4. My favourite essential oil blend is equal parts of ylang ylang, patchouli and sandalwood. Watch the men (and women) go wild!
  5. I resigned from my full-time and secure job in education on 29 July 2009 to dedicate all my time to Essential Oil Goddess. I love every minute of it.
  6. The most fun essential oils event was a hen’s night where twelve women made essential oil perfume. The bride-to-be was covered in essential oils during a lavish initiation ceremony.
  7. Occasionally, I get strange phone calls from men late on Friday afternoon, wanting a “massage now.” They want extras which I don’t provide! Therapeutic only!
  8. The most distant place I have travelled with my oils is Perth, to an expo. I love attending expos and sharing the oils.
  9. I have clients and customers in the US, England, Australia (of course), New Zealand, and Japan.
  10. I go to the Mt Mee (near Daybro, north-west of Brisbane) markets every month. It isn’t just for the great customers there; it is for my love of the country kitchen there! Homemade goodies for lunch :-)
  11. The most common things I get asked for essential oils that may help are sleep, depression, and back pain.
  12. I also treat horses. It all started when I heard about a horse rescue on the Gold Coast. My favourite essential oil blends to use on horses are Peace and Calming and Release. The horses have no placebo effect.
  13. The most unusual thing I have been asked for was an essential oil to get rid of evil spirits for someone who believed they had a curse put on them. I suggested frankincense essential oil.
  14. I have been interviewed on radio numerous times talking about essential oils and using them in daily life. It is possible to incorporate oils into your daily life.
  15. We used essential oils at our wedding and just had our first wedding anniversary. I got those same oils out to celebrate our anniversary. It was very special ;-)
  16. I made a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2007 which included completing an aromatherapy course and getting into essential oils. Who knew!
  17. My friend’s husband nicknamed me the “Essential Oil LOVE Goddess.” I take it as a compliment.
  18. The most popular treatment is the Raindrop Technique. It is a combination of Tibetan Reflexology and Native American Indian Massage.
  19. My essential oils have given me new friends. Besides the hundreds of people I have met at expos, markets, workshops and in my practice, I have met twelve people in person via Facebook and they are now real life friends.
  20. I have made essential oil perfumes for myself and others for PMS, libido, acne, and wrinkles. They are the ones I can think of now.
  21. The biggest compliment I have had about my oils was when a lady asked "What is that beautiful perfume you are wearing?" and I said "It is my anti-bacterial, anti-viral, essential oil blend." I put it on everyday during the swine flu scare as my protection.
  22. Converting men to using essential oils everyday has been my biggest challenge –essential oil aftershave is my starting point for them.
  23. I work on an aromatic medicine principle. I ingest and use essential oils neat on my body.
  24. The most beautiful thing so far was with an off-the-track racehorse. After using an essential oil blend called Release, he lowered his head in my hands and looked thoroughly relaxed. So beautiful.
  25. All women, men, children and babies can use essential oils for their everyday health and wellbeing. In my mind the Essential Oil Goddess is real!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aromatherapy or Aromatic Medicine?

I am passionate about essential oils! I love to inhale them, ingest them and use them neat on my skin. "What?!" I hear you say..."You can't ingest essential oils or use them undiluted on your skin!"

This is the big difference (in my opinion) between aromatherapy and aromatic medicine. I am a qualified aromatherapist and have been taught that dilution (usually 2%-3% essential oil in a carrier oil) is the correct way to administer essential oils.

Have you ever considered that adulteration of essential oils has become so widespread that it is extremely difficult to get a pure essential oil that is chemical and pesticide free, unadulterated or cut and has ethical and sustainable standards, and this could be the reason for such drastic precautions with essential oils?

I hear you say "What about the research showing the dangers of essential oils?" I would look carefully at the research asnd determine:
  1. Did the research use human subjects? (Mice and Rats react very differently to humans in so many ways!)

  2. Were the essential oils used in the research, pure and unadulterated? (Some research is conducted with isolated components of essential oils, instead of the intact and pure essential oil.)

Let's look at what a pure essential oil is made up of...pure concentrated plant material...that's all. The essential oil of the plant is its defence system, protects the plant from disease and pests, has hormone like actions, and has a healing action--just cut into the bark of a pine tree and see the "sap" come out to form the "scab" on the tree. Essential oils are the life blood of the plant.

These are the amazing healing gifts on this Earth. If you have a pure essential oil from a company you can trust then it has the potential to bring you health and welling for you and your family.

It takes time and effort to produce a high quality essential oil for aromatic medicine purposes. You cannot buy that from the shelf in your local health store.

This is the seed to seal process. Check out this video to get the full picture.